Talk Like A Pirate Day

piratecrecente.jpgIt's September 19th, ladies and gentlemen, and you all know what that means. Whether you are a Pirate of the Burning Sea, a Pirate of the Caribbean, a Puzzle Pirate, or one of Sid Meier's stalwart band of buccaneers, today is your day. Break out the eye patch, cut off your leg and replace it with a wooden stump (do NOT actually do this), and crack open the rum, for International Talk Like A Pirate Day is upon us, may god have mercy on our souls. It's a special day for Kotaku, as it is a well documented fact that we are captained by the notorious dread pirate Crecente, whose exploits and bird shirts are the stuff of nautical legends. How are you planning on celebrating this day? As a ninja, I am going into hiding, though to be honest that's pretty much what ninja do anyway when they aren't killing pirates. Maybe I'll toss in a silent yar for the occasion.


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