Talking Virtua Fighter 5's Online, Rumble With Sega

vf5cover.jpgHad the pleasure of chatting yesterday with Sega's Tohru Murayama and Noriyuki Shimoda about Virtua Fighter 5. While we conversed, the subject of the "discrepancies" between the PS3 and 360 versions came up. In particular, why the 360 version features online multiplayer, while the PS3 one does not.

Shimoda said "Well, the PlayStation 3 version was developed first so the online was missed, but because the 360 version came later we could add that feature". Sounded OK, if a little vague, as it didn't explain why it hadn't been added subsequently. Handily, Murayama elaborated, and when asked whether the PS3 version could see online play added at a later date via download he replied:

If we wanted to, we'd think about it, but the point with the PlayStation 3 version was to release the game as close to the console's release as possible. So we have no plans for that.

Bummer. Sorry, VF5-loving PS3 owners.

Something interesting that came up just after, though, was that they didn't know the DualShock 3 had been announced. It had, I told them. They seemed pleased, then started bugging me for details. Not cool. This is my interview, I reminded them, and I'll be the one asking all the questions. I did let them know that it would be possible to add rumble to older Sixaxis titles, which they liked the sound of.

"Oh", said Murayama. "If we can do that, we will". So not all bad news, then!


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