Terror Fears Ban Xbox 360, PS3, DS From Jails

osama.jpgTabloidish UK paper The Sun reports that the DS, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 have been banned from UK jails over fears they could be used to plan terror attacks.

The fear stems from the discovery that all three devices contain software that "enables users to send or receive radio signals" and that they could be used to talk to fellow conspirators to "plot carnage." The Playstation 2 also faces a possible ban, the paper reports.

A source said: "The technology in the new generation of computer games makes them a security risk.

"There is concern that top terror suspects have been using systems already in jails. Radio software is an integral part of the equipment."

A secret security bulletin warns that planned advances in computer games technology could mean ALL systems being barred.

And here I always thought Osama was just a fan of BioShock.

Xbox banned in jail terror fear [The Sun]


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