Textfyre - The Comeback of the Text Adventure?

textfyre.jpg Interactive fiction is a hot hot hot subject these days (at least in some circles), and plenty of independent takes have cropped up relatively recently. But David Cornelson, CEO of Textfyre, Inc., is setting out to see that interactive fiction gets a commercial resurgence, and has goals like getting a licence for Harry Potter IF game (hey, it would probably be better than the Wii version of the last game). Targeting reading-aged kids with an episodic format, Cornelson says to Gamasutra:

I think I will be able to sell hundreds of thousands of games in a year and we're going to expand into educational, subject-matter, library, and other markets and we will be the market leader in high quality text-based interactive educational entertainment.

I have to wonder how successful text-based games are going to be when aimed at a generation raised on CGI, but stranger things have happened (though it's certainly 'an eyebrow-raising prospect,' as GameSetWatch says). It's an interesting interview and an interesting concept - we'll see how it pans out in the future. Could it be that interactive fiction is no longer going to be the pet project of PhDs across the country? Though I really have a difficult time imagining this as a truly commercially viable concept.

Textfyre's Cornelson On An IF Resurgence [Gamasutra via GameSetWatch]


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