TGS Attendance Drops Like A Rock

tgs_attendance_07.jpgNintendo may be expanding the video game market in Japan, but their refusal to attend the biggest gaming expo in their homeland is doing nothing to help out this year's numbers for Tokyo Game Show. In 2006, TGS pulled in some 192,411 attendees over the course of three days. The first public day last year saw some 84,823 gamers stink up the halls of the Makuhari Messe. This year? Only 64,795. We won't know the final figure for Sunday for a while, but based on the feeling that it's much more manageable to walk the show floor, expect less than yesterday's figure.

Granted, last year saw the opportunity for a nation to get their hands on PlayStation 3 and Wii games for the first time, so a drop from last year isn't shocking. But we hope that Nintendo will come to TGS 2008 and make next year's show a more disgusting sea of putrid otaku.


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