TGS Booth Floor Plan Revealed

tgsmap2.jpg The lay of the land. There are 217 companies appearing at this year's Tokyo Game show. Here are the floor plans for the biggest ones. Above is 1Hall-3Hall. From top left going across, it includes: Square Enix, Microsoft, SoftBank Mobile and CoFesta Movie Square/TGS Cafe. Below that and moving across are Koei, Cykan Entertainment Co., Ltd., Level 5 and Capcom. Below Capcom and moving right is the Foreign Games Pavilion (go Western Australia!), Marvelous Entertainment, some small companies and SNK by the entrance. Hit the jump for a thrilling look at 4Hall-6Hall:tgsmap1.jpg From top left moving right are Sony, Tecmo and Bandai Namco Games/Banpresto. Below BNG and moving left, there are NTT DoCoMo, Konami and SEGA. Under SEGA, there are KDDI, Takara Tomy, Hudson, Jaleco Games, D3 Publisher and Taito.


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