TGS Kotaku Party? Damn Skippy!

shibuya_3.jpg To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Con-ed Out

In answer to your question: Yes, yes, good man, yes we should totally have a Tokyo Kotaku shindig! Our last get together in New York earlier this year was good fun, and it was a blast to meet readers, industry types and drunk hangers-on. Since we'll be staying at a big fancy hotel in Shibuya, I imagine that we'll want a bar near our hotel so we can stumble back drunk and pass out. Throwing up on the JR line is so embarrassing! That is ideal, but I'm not sure how realistic... I know a few places, but none in Shibuya that are big enough to handle a nerd gathering. So! Reader people who know Tokyo fairly well, feel free to chime in with possible place for us to get shitfaced at.

Also, the Night Crew has morphed into the Labor Day Crew, so posts will be going up all day. Enjoy your day off!


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