TGS Schwag Writing Contest Reminder

DSCF9385thurs.JPG Just a friendly reminder than tomorrow is the last day to enter our TGS schwag contest. We've got a bag full of TGS stuff to give away. To you, perhaps! (Or you or you or you.) What are we giving away? A fistful of TGS fans - including a Flynn used Metal Gear Solid 4 fan. What's more, we're throwing in a Japanese Halo 3 T-shirt, an Adventure Island shirt signed by Takahashi Meijin and a program on which he scribbled a pyramid describing the current market. There's a bunch of VERY RANDOM things as well. How do you win this? Send us an email at, pick a TGS post you like (include the URL) and write a paragraph on why it stood out. Look at what reader Nick B. wrote about Itagaki Unmasked:

Ah Itagaki unmasked you say? I would sooner expect to see clear photographic evidence of the Tibetan Mountain Yeti's child fathered by the elusive Chupacabra (she doesn't care what you think, she loves him anyway). What do the linked images reveal? Nothing but a deliciously heightened mystery. From the appearance of that photo I can not even confirm that Itagaki has actual eye-spheres residing in his skull-sockets. Maybe the sockets just burn with a black fire much like Ninja Gaiden's Doku. Or perhaps you can't see his eyes because under his sunglasses he is actually just wearing another pair of sunglasses. I think the worst possible scenario is that is actually quiet a perfect image of him without his glasses, he just is that blurry. And that is super scary. The grin on the man in the second photo (Itagaki and sunglasses reunited) is suspiciously "shit eating" as well, such to suggest his collaboration in confounding the photo.

Now, we aren't looking for flattery, but rather, sharp writing. Insight, even. Deadlines for entries is this Friday, AKA tomorrow. Sharpen those pencils!


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