The Body Rebellion

To: The Japanese Contingent From: Fahey

It wasn't until I caught up with Crecente this morning and he said, "You're doing a great job, but i don't want your burning out or getting sick" that my body decided to rebel against my posting marathon. As soon as my brain processed the words my body said, "You know what? Pirate-boy is right. You just got over the flu, you should technically feel like crap". And so today I felt like crap. What I find most disturbing is that my body seems to take orders from Crecente, which has terrifying connotations. Luckily for me, you folks did a kick-ass job of covering the first day of TGS. The sheer amount of information you guys put out was awe-inspiring.

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You guys have a great day! I'm going to see if I can hit up the game store for Eternal Sonata before my body gives out completely.


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