The Easy Company Reveals Motorm4x, Themselves

motorm4x.jpg A number of Czech-based development vets today announced that their new game studio, The Easy Company, exists. No really, that's how they put it. They've been around for the past 14 months or so as the devs, former employees of Illusion Softworks, worked on their first title. That title is Motorm4x, an offroad racing game that allows players to explore large outdoor terrains in various 4WD vehicles with a simulated GPS as your guide. While this first title is for the PC, the studio has plans to develop for consoles as well. It's kind of nice to see a development studio announced with an actual game to show, isn't it?

Czech industry veterans announce Prague-studio, debuts with off-road racer MOTORM4X

Prague, Czech Republic (September 20th, 2007) A number of Czech-based game development veterans today announced the existence of The Easy Company s.r.o., a Prague-based studio committed to creating ground-breaking technology and games for PC and consoles. The core development team at The Easy Company previously held lead-positions at Illusion Softworks where they made significant contributions to a number of record-breaking hit titles including Hidden & Dangerous 1 and 2 and MAFIA.

The Easy Company have been working behind closed doors on its debut title for the past 14 months, an all-terrain off-road racer entitled MOTORM4X for the PC. MOTORM4X is a non-formulaic racing-title that lets players drive and explore large outdoor terrains in a variety of SUV and off-road vehicles featuring simulated GPS and 4WD functions including player-controlled axle-locking, 4 wheel drive and GPS pathfinding.

Said Martin Babarik, Producer at The Easy Company "We've assembled one of the most experienced teams in the region compromised of local industry veterans with a proven track record of delivering triple-A titles for both PC and consoles. This experience will allow us to bring those same high production values to lighter and more focused games."

The Easy Company is financially backed by ARCA Capital Bohemia, a private investment company specializing in providing venture capital to expanding companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

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