The Great Australian Bite

The Great Australian Bite

I know it’s “bight”. I’m doing a play-on-words, see?

The Oz Edition of Kotaku has been running at full steam for a week or two now, and there’s a great deal of content you may have missed. I’ve whipped out the Condense-o-tron and collected the best of it here.

Consider it our welcome to you, to Kotaku AU. Hey, another word-play-thing!

Soldier Of Fortune: Payback Details

PSP Wi-Fi playing multiplayer PlayStation Games

The Bobble Head’s Dead, Jim

Carmack says “No” To Linux Rage

Auran Brands Games As Aussie-Made

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Hands-on

DS Lite, Tastes Just Right

Get Your Halo 3… Lingerie?

Dweller, The Mobile Rogue-like

Team Bondi Is Looking For Coders. Lots Of Them

Inside The Eye

Bee Movie Game Not B-Grade

Reachout Reaches Into Feel Good Gaming

Call Of Duty 4 Hates Dead Puppies

Midnight Club Los Angeles Redux

Friend Or Foe, Good Or Bad?


  • congrats on the launch … and the good slab of local stuff! i was a doubter when gizmodo au first launched (why an aussie version when i can get it all from the states etcetc?) but now really appreciate the local snippets and pricing/availability/ripoff info.

  • i think this need a little more clearing up in terms of what we do and don’t see. Will we be losing any content from the US site? or are we just getting a few local articles in between? Also, why is the commenters section so different? Where’s my profile gone?

  • We bring across all of the US content, so you’re not missing out on anything.

    In addition, if there’s an Oz angle to any of the US posts, we’ll likely dish up extra and more relevant info.

  • What the hell?

    Eh, if it doesn’t crash as much as the last format, I’ll shut up, but still. Enough with the changes Kotaku!

  • Wow, I missed a lot of that stuff. But Kotaku has been acting funky all week. Must have been teething problems.

    Also, no login using the AU site?

  • I have to agree as well – this seems totally unnecessary. So we get to read all the news articles, but are segregated to our own comments?

  • We’re looking at ways to bring the US comments over to Kotaku AU so you won’t miss a thing. Will keep you updated!
    @Elevenoverzero: The US site has been having a few tech issues lately. The AU site is hosted in Sydney, so we haven’t been affected.

  • Gotta third the comments. I can’t believe Gawker have been so shitful as to initiate a _third_ Au specific site with no link to the US comments, despite the torrent of requests that came with Giz and Lifehacker’s local implementations.

    It’s ridiculous – you local guys do great content, it’s seriously very readable interesting etc. But the value of sites like this are _at least_ half comments, it’s a community. Or at least, it’s meant to be.

    I dunno, I just think it’s weird that they would make such an obvious stumble once, let alone three times in a row.

    Good luck with the new site, but I have to say I won’t be reading regularly until I can see the US comments. Once that happens, I’m all over this.

  • @Spiceman: Yeap, that’s right. I’m looking to bring a bit more PC content into Kotaku to balance out the heavy console focus of the US site.

  • omg what happened!? eh!

    interesting. nice one on the new job logan. always liked your stuff in atomic

    do we need to register again?

  • Good man, Mr Booker. I’m happy to see your name here. We’re in good hands. So far the AU content has been good and, so long as we don’t miss out on any of the *interesting* stuff from the US, Japan, EU, I’ll keep logging in here. Best of luck.

  • I have to go along with the previous posts about comments.

    If we can’t see US comments, and they can’t see ours, then the US site is the better option for now.

    I’ll just be bookmarking the page for the “AU” tag (, and checking that out occasionally. Other than that, I’ll stick to the US version, so I can keep chatting to the guys there.

  • …personally, I’ve been put off by the change. With all browsers automatically redirecting to the AU version so I can’t access the US one anymore, lack of logins and avatars and making commenting more difficult, it’s just too much. I might check back to see if it gets changed back, but this is just too much. We Australians are a minority in the gaming industry and we know it- we don’t need to be patronised.

    Does every other country have its own Kotaku or what?

  • So i’ve been sitting here all day wondering where the comments are and this is the reason!

    + Australian Content

    – Lack of community feedback – if aussies aren’t going to comment we need the international comments, in makes sense to have these especially when responding to international stories?

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