The Great Australian Bite

I know it’s “bight”. I’m doing a play-on-words, see?

The Oz Edition of Kotaku has been running at full steam for a week or two now, and there’s a great deal of content you may have missed. I’ve whipped out the Condense-o-tron and collected the best of it here.

Consider it our welcome to you, to Kotaku AU. Hey, another word-play-thing!

Soldier Of Fortune: Payback Details

PSP Wi-Fi playing multiplayer PlayStation Games

The Bobble Head’s Dead, Jim

Carmack says “No” To Linux Rage

Auran Brands Games As Aussie-Made

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Hands-on

DS Lite, Tastes Just Right

Get Your Halo 3… Lingerie?

Dweller, The Mobile Rogue-like

Team Bondi Is Looking For Coders. Lots Of Them

Inside The Eye

Bee Movie Game Not B-Grade

Reachout Reaches Into Feel Good Gaming

Call Of Duty 4 Hates Dead Puppies

Midnight Club Los Angeles Redux

Friend Or Foe, Good Or Bad?


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