The Halo 3 CliffsNotes Review: AKA The Score


I noticed that some of you were hoping to avoid having to read my sorta lengthy review of Halo 3 and just wanted a single score. I don't have a huge issue with providing scores to my reviews when I write for print publications, but I don't usually use them here on Kotaku because I don't think they do anything other than provide a hook for people to hang complaints on.

A review is a synthesis of a person's thoughts about a thing. A score is a synthesis of a person's review. So you miss out on a lot. But, I have a pretty specific idea of what I think Halo 3 deserves. When I reviewed it for the Rocky Mountain News (that review runs on Friday) I believe I gave it a B+, though I'd probably give the game a B to B+. So for the sake of specificity, I hereby declare that Halo 3 is a 87.5 percent game. And for the record, it didn't live up to the hype, but nothing could have.

Halo 3 Review


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