The Hidden Gems of TGS

We wrote tons of stories at this year's Tokyo Game Show, many of which ran at like 3 a.m. So I thought it might help to do a little link dump of our personal favorites. Feel free to comment on them here or on the original story.

TGS Kids Corner Totally Suitable for Kids TGS Attendance Drops Like a Rock Zak—Wiki Producer Talks Puzzles, Name Changes and Family Fun My Booth Bot, My Cheerleader The Justify Files Resident Evil 5 Is Totally Maybe Set in Haiti We Think Callous Booth Babe Moment: What They Really Think of You Hudson Going After the Casual Gamers Broomstick Controller Gets Tested Have TGS Attendees Purchased the New PSP? Inafune Really Wants Dead Rising 2 Eye of Judgement Online Impressions Itagaki Unmasked Patapon Impressions Soul Calibur Director Katsutoshi Sasaki on Weapons, Characters and Storyline Sony's Booth Babe Human Wave TGS Boozecast Episode 1: Don't Call it a Podcast Tender Booth Babe Moment: Exhaustion Tender Booth Babe Moment: Ambassadors Halo 3 Sitdown and New Peter Jackson Details More PS3 Titles Coming from Everyday Shooter Creator Locoroco Cocoreccho Hands On Impressions Beta No Major, All Crecente Rein Talks About his Suit (Not the Brown One) Kotaku's TGS Party: The Pictures, The Blackmail Every Extended Extra Extreme Impressions Miz on Rez 2, Wii Space Channel and Al Gore Rez HD Impressions First Ever Hands on Impressions of Rez HD


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