The Lair Curse And Hot Coffee

Stephen Totilo has an interesting story up on Factor 5's struggle with Lair and how the developers thought it was cursed from the beginning nearly two years ago.

The curse started with the Lair trailer getting bumped from the initial PS3 announcement reel because it was too dark to see and continued...

That was the start of one catastrophe after the other - deaths in the family at the worst time [and]sudden surgeries for key members, which bounced the technology off-track. And just in general, every single time there was a crucial delivery, something bizarre went wrong - all the way to power outages when writing the master disks."

And Totilo points out that the dev team even talks about this curse on the game's commentary track, sort of proving that this isn't just spin for all of the negative reviews the game has been getting. The story is a must read for anyone interested in the saga behind the poorly reviewed game and the developers' reactions to the reactions.

Totilo summarises his story on his Multiplayer page, adding a little bonus, a cheat code for Lair that when entered gives you a little Hot Coffee... literally. Yes, that's it up above.

'Lair' Struggles To Overcome Curse; Plus 'Guitar Hero' For Wii, 'Halo 3' & More, In GameFile [GameFile]


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