The Land Of The Rising Sun Gets Halo 3 Fan

DSC05340.JPG Screw fliers. In summer, fliers do nothing. That's why many companies, Microsoft included, hand out fans to promote stuff. This is a Halo 3 fan given out to promote the game. (Cue joke about Halo 3 fans in Japan.) Sure, it's not as kooky and fun as Master Chief freaking out shoppers! Tim Rogers over at game site Next-Gen points out:

The tagline is sharp enough: "The year is 2552. The human race continues its fight against an alien race."

They're giving it a low-key pitch as science-fiction. That's good... The one big faux pas I can point out — since you're just forcing me to be negative — is what's on the other side of the fan: just a big numeral "3", in Halo font. Microsoft has taken out billboards in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and even at Akihabara's massive Yodobashi Camera, each of them showing the same swirling, cloud sky and the same ethereal numeral "3"... Either way, it goes without saying that the average gamer here might not think about things in the most common-sensical Western marketing terms, and if they see a "3" in a font they don't recognise, all they're going to know is that they don't remember a "2" in the same font, and even if they do, they don't remember playing that game, so they shouldn't play the "3", because to do so would be rude... Down at the bottom, fine print reads: "This item is not for sale. (Please use as a fan.)"

Remember, when given a Japanese Halo 3 fan, don't try to sell it. Use it as a fan. Week in Japan [Next-Gen]


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