The Line For Halo 3 Starts Here

yodobashi_halo3_sign.jpgWe got up at the crack of dawn this morning to make sure we didn't miss a beat for the Japanese launch of Halo 3. It's rare for Japanese game shops to host a midnight launch of almost anything, even for the big guns like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, so we felt pretty comfortable waiting until the day of to beat feet down to Akiba. After a stinky stroll through the Tsukiji fish market, we ambled on over to Electric Town to take the pulse of Japanese gamers.

Rolling up to the giant Yodobashi Akiba, we were presented with this sign. It tells you where to start the line formation. So what did the line look like 30 minutes before launch?first_yodobashi.jpg

It looked a lot like me. First! I mean... First, bitches!

Surely, there had to be some hotter action that Yodobashi, and the line was in no danger of swelling, so we decided to creep around a bit. We were also scolded for taking pictures of a metal door by Slouchy the Japanese Security Guard, so we left. Off to AsoBitCity!


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