The Rocky Explores Halo's Appeal

halostorything.jpgIt's obvious from reading the comments posted after every Halo 3 story that some of us don't understand the appeal of the series - after all, it's just an FPS, isn't it? Over at The Rocky Mountain News, some guy named Brian Crecente discusses the broad appeal of the franchise with Bungie's Frank O'Connor, breaking the whole thing down into five, easy to understand categories. The article explores how story, character, AI, gadgets, and approachability combine to form Captain Planet make Halo the huge hit it is with fans across the globe. Keep in mind that Crecente is a freelance contributor to The Rocky Mountain News, so the article might not be up to the publication's high standards. I suggest he stick to his day job.



    For me Halo died when MS bought out bungie and they took the Mac/PC story and changed it from the orginal story line of Halo being a made up planet and earth had to fight against the aliens to keep earth other wise it was destroyed.

    The name Halo came from the large ring of metal around the planet for cameras etc as it was a lose way of sorting out who got what when people couldn't agree on a solution to something.

    This story got checnged into Halo is an earth planet or as it seems now in Halo 3 that Halo is in fact earth and not some other planet or made up planet and it's getting attacked by aleains from some other place.

    So the whole thing basicly got dumbed down big time.

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