The Secret Behind Assassin's Creed

tgs07-assassinscreed.jpgJust what is the secret behind the high-tech interface found throughout Assassin's Creed? Sorry, still no official details, but there is something to that modern-looking HUD, and according to Jade Raymond, all will be revealed within the first five minutes of play.

The session I attended consisted of Jade walking us through a new level in the later part of the game, where your goal is to assassinate William de Montfort, who's been causing no end of trouble to Richard the Lionhart. The level followed the assassin as he first tries to sneak up to his prey. The action doesn't end once the kill is done though. Maybe even more of a challenge is then escaping the area, which consists of a high-speed chase while trying to get out of the eyesight of surrounding guards (you get alerted through that high-tech interface).

One part we haven't seen in these demos is that investigation is big part of the game — that's how you get to the point where you're ready to assassinate, and that means you'll need to eavesdrop on the populace, and maybe even pickpocket your way to info.

As you've probably already seen, the game world is stunning, and all three cities that are featured in the game were created from detailed research of the period, and should be as authentic as you could expect from a game. Even better, everything is interactive, and you can grab and climb on anything that extends two inches.

Just how popular is Jade? Just look.tgs07-jadecameras.jpg


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