The World in Conflict Game Off


The Massive folks have challenged Team Kotaku to a little game-off in World in Conflict this week. They will be pitting two of the guys who helped create the game against myself and Fahey, in other words we are going to have not just our arses, but just about all of our body parts handed to us.

In exchange for this online pummeling we've agreed to undertake, Massive is going to send us videos of our digital disgrace for posting on the site and whether we win or not we take home some prizes. Not prizes for us, no, all we get is the public humiliation, the prizes will be for you.

The Massive folks are going to hand over several copies of World in Conflict, some sort of autographed World in Conflict swag and some uber prize, perhaps a World in Conflict Skateboard or track jacket. I'm hoping to get you guys the board, because I've seen it and it kicks ass. No promises yet on what exactly we'll be getting for you, but it's going to be super cool.

Check back Friday evening to see just how horribly Fahey and I were whooped. michaelfahey.jpg


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