TimeSplitters 4 On Wii?

TSbanner.jpgAs of right now, there's no specified platform for TimeSplitters 4. It could be on PC, it could be on DS, it could be a mobile game. But really, going on the history of the series, you'd imagine it'd appear on PS3, and going on the way the market's looking these days, you'd imagine it'd also appear on 360. And the Wii? It's also in the fold, Free Radical's David Doak saying:

I think we want to put it [TimeSplitters 4]on the Wii.

Fairly emphatic, that. Course a more formal announcement on platforms would be great (Gizmondo owners, you're officially still in the running), but until then, Wii owners can at least get a decent nights sleep knowing they're not being written off completely. "We want to put the sequel on Nintendo's console," says the UK developer [Game Informer, via Games Radar]


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