Top Twenty Five Best Selling Video Games

Pokemon_red_box-1.jpgWebsite Gunslot, besides being a site where you can talk about and look at lots of pictures of guns, apparently has at least a passing interest in video games seeing as they have put together a list of the top twenty five best selling games of all time. Now we are not talking a game website popularity contest list here, but actual copies sold. Nintendo dominates the list with twelve titles, four of them being in the top five. Of the Nintendo games, Pokemon (no surprise there) and Mario titles figure heavily in the mix. Other titles on the list include all three GTA titles, The Sims 1 & 2, The Gran Turismo series, Warcraft and Halo 2. It would interesting to compare this list with a list of "best games" titles as I'm sure it would be quite different especially seeing as no Zelda titles even made it to the top twenty five.

Top Twenty Five Best Selling Video Games Of All Time [Gunslot] [via Digg]


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