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To: Ash and Flynn From: Crecente Re: Drink Less Booze, Drop Weight

I don't exactly have that problem. While I've put on a bit of gut weight, I'm still a slender 60kg and 173cm-ish. Maybe I need to start drinking more Sake.

This hasn't just been one hell of a week, it's been one hell of a month. Next week I fly out to the northwest to spend some time playing an eagerly anticipated game for a few days, then I return to finish prep work for Tokyo Game Show and fly out that Sunday for Japan. I think I'm about ready for September to be over and with it all of these conventions. Not that I'm not going to have fun, but I can't wait to relax a bit.

This weekend I'm going to strive and beat BioShock and start prepping for a little World in Conflict tourney the developers are hosting. Fahey is going to be my second and it's going to be a bloodbath.. not in our favour. Have a nice weekend guys.

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