Treasure Bringing Bangai-O To Nintendo DS

bangai_o_ds.jpgThe latest issue of Famitsu beats the ESP countdown clock to the punch, revealing Treasure's new Nintendo DS game. It's Bangai-O Spirits a remake of the frenetic Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast multi-directional shooter Bangai-O released in 1999. The Famitsu preview, which comes to us via 1UP, reveals that the game, due this winter in Japan, will feature wireless multiplayer and a stage editor.

The official product page is scheduled to go live today, so we'll hopefully get some direct feed screenshots soon. And while Bangai-O Spirits may get lost in the flood of damn good shooter news revealed over the past 24 hours, as a Bangai-O fan, I highly recommend you keep this one on your radar.

Treasure's Bangai-O Returns to DS [1UP]


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