Treasure Too Busy With Xbox Live For PlayStation Network

treasure_logo.jpgClean-cut Treasure boss man Masato Maegawa talked to 1UP just before the kick off of Tokyo Game Show 07, putting a shine on details for every upcoming Treasure game. The recently announced Xbox Live Arcade Ikaruga remake, for example, is taking up too much of the developer's resources, putting a hold on the unnamed Xbox 360 shooter that's said to be in the vein of its most famous shmups, Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga. Unfortunately for those in the PLAYSTATION 3 camp, Treasure isn't working on the PlayStation Network, devoting their resources to XBLA development.

In other news, Maegawa confirmed that the company's other newly announced title, Bangai-O Spirits for the Nintendo DS is not a straight remake of the Dreamcast/Nintendo 64 game. That game will be playable at TGS this week, so expect to read in-depth impressions, hopefully from yours truly.

More details, including a teaser on Radiant Silvergun for the 360, at the 1UP report.

Treasure Talks Ikaruga, Wii Title, and More [1UP]


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