TRON 2 Coming To Theatres Eventually

tron.jpgTron 2 is coming steps closer to neon actualisation, as commercial director Joseph Kosinski is in final negotiations to direct the film. The only other project on his list is the upcoming remake of Logan's Run, so it's tough to tell just how much he'll bastardise these original canons. The good news for Tron fans is the Steven Lisberger will be producing the film. He co-wrote and directed the original.

Still, it's difficult to see Tron as a remake. Either the film sticks to the original 80s-rrific setting, or it's updated with Tron being some hero in GTAIV with Jeff Bridges participating in time races to collect prostitutes. One approach seems disingenuous while the other seems, quite simply, horrible.

Then again, Tron was a pretentiously bad movie redeemed by incredible special effects and wonderful art direction. So it's not exactly Citizen Kane 2 that we're talking about here.

New 'Tron' races on [thehollywoodreporter]


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