TurboGrafx CD & TurboDuo Games To Be Released On Virtual Console

HUDSON.jpgThe TurboGrafx-16 is a nice addition to the Virtual Console. Don't get me wrong. But it'd be nice to have more. Hudson know what I'm talking about! They've announced that, starting next month, they'll be rolling TurboGrafx CD and TurboDuo games onto the Wii's retro catalogue. Games from both systems will set you back 800 points, and the plan is to make them available across all regions. Yes, Europe and Australia, that includes you as well. As for games, Ys Book I & II and Chou Aniki will be amongst the first available. Took them long enough, but between today's other announcement and this Nintendo finally seem to be coming around to just why we were so excited about the Virtual Console in the first place. ハドソン、Wii「バーチャルコンソール」[Game Watch]


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