Turok Hands-On Impressions

turokbooth.jpgOne of the most-ignored of the major titles on the showroom floor was the new Turok title, which found itself nestled at the back of Sega's impressively large presence. FPS shooters were going to struggle at the best of times at TGS, but this one isn't doing itself any favours. Mainly because the demo consisted of grass. Lots of grass. And very little else.

It was here, it was there, you could run through it, crawl through it, bad guys would pop out of it and you'd get yourself lost amongst it. Sure, it shakes in the wind, which is nice, as is the trample effect you get as you walk through it, but it's also BORING, and is literally all you notice about the demo. In an attempt to break up the grass walking there were some dinosaur bones, some gun-wielding soldier types and even some actual dinosaurs in there somewhere, but you could only sort of make them out amongst the, you know. Grass. On the bright side the dinosaurs were well done, and fighting them was a lot more entertaining than dispatching the generic future-army-guys.


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