Twenty Five Things About Fallout 3

fallout3_teaser_poster.jpgBethesda Software's Fallout 3 community forums is currently hosting a list of 25 questions culled from its members, and answered by executive producer Todd Howard. Questions are broken up into groups according to subject matter and cover a range of topics including combat, NPCs, AI. mature content, quests and dialog. It's a nice, hefty Q&A and sure to make great weekend reading for all of you out there anxious to get more info on Fallout 3. And don't worry, Howard is still pretty cagey on some subjects so you can still remain blissfully spoiler free (with the possible exception of the semi-BioShock spoiler which is clearly marked towards the end of the bonus questions).

Community FAQ - 20 questions [Bethesda] [Thanks, Patrick]


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