Umbrella Chronicles Producer Not Ruling Out Zombie Fit

kawata_fit.jpgWe sat down with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles producer Masachika Kawata yesterday to get up to speed on Capcom's Wii shooter. Sorry, zapper. Since Umbrella Chronicles is so straightforward—painfully so at times—I wanted to know when the Resident Evil series was going to find its sense of humor. Meaning, when was a Resident Evil game going to take advantage of the Wii Fit balance board. Kawata told us his thoughts on the peripheral, saying "As a parody, it would be kind of fun to make Biohazard Fitness." Oooh! That sounds just perfect.

Unfortunately, Kawata went back into casual gaming wet blanket mode, saying "Seriously, the game market in Japan has become too hardcore so I think something like Biohazard Fitness would actually broaden the market. Anything to break the market open is a welcome change for me." You lost us at "game market".

Honestly, Kawata, doing push ups to fend off the undead is a far, far better concept than shooting them (and you know it).


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