US PS3 Backwards Compatability Search Now Live

sherlock.jpgWith the 80GB model of the PS3, Americans were invited to feel some of Europe's pain. Gone was the promise of near-universal PS2 backwards compatability, replaced with a software-based emulation system where many games work, many games work with issues and some games do not work. At all. I say some of Europe's pain, though, because half the hassle of it all is in checking the PAL BC list on SCEE's torturous BC site to see if your games work. See, the site does not contain a search function. The newly-launched US search site does, allowing you to enter the name of your PS2 games into a small text field, conduct a search and be provided with a prompt answer. Awfully clever, that, and definitely ground-breaking technology. I bet SCEE are kicking themselves they didn't think of it. SCEA PS3 BC Search Site [SCEA PS3 Support]


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