Valve To Make Big Announcement Tuesday

surprise.jpgValve is such a tease. In their weekly update after revealing some new details on Team Fortress 2, they left this message:

In other TF2 news, stay tuned for a pretty big announcement next week. You're going to want to hold off on planning any vacations until you hear what we've got to say on Tuesday.

Oh really? The Kotaku staff was about to fly to a private, sybaritic island where beautiful native goddesses go without the coconut bras and one rides unicorns to the through waterfalls flowing with unbottled Fuji water. Cancelled! We need to hear this announcement. Sure, if Crecente gets there a day early the island will be short a few virgins, but we need to know what all the fuss is about. Exciting new IP? Or overinflated TF2 update? Valve: Big Announcement Next Week [via opposablethumbs]


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