vgxpo.jpgYou can’t have a highly successful gaming convention without the competition showing up to hawk their own ghettoised version of your event, especially when you’re a show as big as PAX. Not only were E for All reps there handing out glow sticks, further strengthening the link with raver culture we thought we were kidding about, but the Seattle convention received a special visit from VGXPO executive director Ed Fleming, the very figure of grace and charm. According to the PA folks, Fleming was on hand posing as a member of the press, taking pictures of the exhibit halls and gaming rooms, interviewing PAX volunteers about how the show is run, and trying to sell his Philadelphia-based convention to the vendors on the show floor. Quite a piece of work, eh? Well it gets better. Late Friday evening at the convention, event coordinator Amber was called down to the convention center lobby to help a couple of volunteers with an unruly guest who was giving them a hard time. The drunk, surly man had been badgering the workers for awhile, but that all stopped once Amber showed up. Then he poured on the charm. Apparently he had just spent the evening drinking with Incubus, which of course women find incredibly sexy. In fact, screw flirting anymore…he knew he had her. Unfortunately his offer of a movie, drinks and really bad drunk old guy sex were shot down. As a last ditch attempt to save face, he whipped out his business card.

Ed Fleming, Executive Director, VGXPO.

He pointed at it and slurred “this is where it’s at baby.”

Unable to control her lust, Amber jumped him then and there.

Oh wait, this is the real world. The drunk was sent packing, only to have his badge taken away the next day once he had sobered up.

Well he was at PAX to generate buzz for VGXPO, and well…mission accomplished! It is stories like this one that keep me from drinking at industry related functions unless there is alcohol present. A strict rule, but I’m just that disciplined.

Stories From PAX [Penny Arcade]

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