Vista Update Coming, Whining Expected To Lessen

vistahawhaw.jpgMicrosoft have announced that early next year Vista is going to be getting its first serious update since launch. The majority of the fixes involve boring things that we will not discuss here, but some of it relates to PC gaming. A Microsoft rep has told GI:

As developers harness the new graphics capabilities in Windows Vista, some changes in how Windows Vista manages video memory have resulted in sporadic issues in graphically taxing games with high-end video cards.

In other words, Vista can't use virtual memory anywhere near as well as XP could, and on new games with fast graphics cards your PC will most likely quit on you. Expect that to be fixed as part of this pack. Until then? Seems there's an untested "hotpatch" on offer, but if that doesn't sound tempting we're all out of fresh luck today, sir. Vista update should address gaming issue [Gamesindustry]


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