Viva Piñata: Party Animals Demo

partyanimals.jpg Those wacky pinatas are back and ready to party! Have you got 971MB of hard disk space left on your Xbox 360? If so, the Viva Piñata: Party Animals demo is now available to fill both it and your heart with all the joy and rapture living paper statues filled with candy can muster. Enjoy a selection of mini-games and races that will give you just a taste of what you'll be getting once the full game hits late next month. The demo supports 1-4 players, so get together your family and friends and get them all excited to play, only to have their hearts crushed when the demo ends. If anything it's something for all you Halo 3 fans to do until Tuesday, or your eBay copies arrive. Demo: Viva Piñata Party Animals [Major Nelson's Blog]


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