Wacko Jacko Game Surprised Japanese Celebs

Yes, yes. Michael Jackson made his own SEGA game Moonwalker. Yes, yes, we all know. Though Japanese celebs like variety host Tamori and former Morning Musume idol Mari Yaguchi sure seem surprised. Here's an episode from Hey! Spring of Trivia detailing the Jackson SEGA Genesis game. For those who haven't seen the show, here's what's going on: Five celebs have a buzzer that they hit when an amazing piece of trivia is revealed. The buzzer makes a "hey" noise, which is the sound in Japanese people make when they are surprised to hear something. The max number of buzzer hits (or heys) per person is 20. These are then combined for a total score that can max out at 100. This bit of info got 78 "heys".

The interesting part isn't that Japanese celebs didn't know this (even if the game was released in Japan!), but when the host (Norito Yashima) says the show connected The Gloved One's people about using the clip to which they asked how much would be paid for TV usage. Hey! Spring of Trivia replied it would pay up to $US5,000 for usage. Two weeks passed with no reply. A staffer sent Jacko's camp an email saying they weren't paying and wouldn't use the game footage. A reply from The King of Pop's team was sent soon after giving them the ok! Jackson Game [Japan Probe]


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