We Love Golf Creator Does Not Love Golf

takeshita.JPGWe Love Golf looks like a decent enough bit of fun. I think so, Matt thinks so. Which is good for Sega, because for Producer Hironobu Takeshita, this isn't a one-off fling. He wants this We Love Golf to be the first We Love Golf in a line of many We Love Golfs. So I hope you're all ready to love. Love golf.

While the game is fun, and certainly a meatier proposition than the only other reference point I could come up with (Wii Sports Golf), it's not all plain sailing. Basic swingplay works well, but then, so did Wii Sports Golf. It's not that hard, you just have to whack it. No, what was that sideshow's downfall was its putting. The putting wasn't difficult. It was broken.

We Love Golf's is as well, something Takeshita readily admits. "Yes, our putting right now is...difficult," he told us. "It is not yet ready, but it is something we are still working very hard on." Which is good! See, Matt was worried about the putting. Worried sick. Said it was "piss-poor". But if they already know this, then we can at least hope for an improvement when the final build comes around.

While talking about the game, we also got around to its future. The current title is obviously a Wii exclusive, and has its controls built around the Wii Remote, but come on. This is Capcom! Takeshita says that if the first title sells well (note the avoidance of the obvious "Wii Love Golf", a decision he says was made because it would have been "silly"), they'll put the game on different consoles. DS, PS2, whatever, didn't matter. In fact Capcom were really aiming for this to become a long-running series for them.

Finishing up, I thought a bit of light conversation would be in order. So the topic moved to golf. Like, real golf. Then something strange happened. I asked if he played golf, and if so, how often. His answer? "I'd like to one day." One day? What, when you're done making a golf game? Kinda odd!


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