We Love Golf! Hands On Impressions and Control Scheme

welovegolf.jpgWe Love Golf! is not Wii Sports Golf rehashed. You still swing the remote to swing your club like you do in WSG, but that's about where the mechanical similarities end—you know, aside from what's inherent to them both being golf games. It's deeper, enough so to justify being a whole game on its own. It's also harder. It took me a round to get going, and even after that putting was still a total bitch. Why? It's kind of hard to explain, but it has to do with the meter at the bottom of the screen that indicates your swing's power. It's not, to use that most overused of Wii control scheme descriptions, inherently intuitive.

The meter indicates power on a weak-to-strong, left-to-right basis (obviously). The circled orange club on the far right is your target strength, which changes depending on the remaining distance to the hole. The Wiimote icon is where the remote is relatively located in real space after you've begun holding down the A button to start your swing.

Here's where I was initially thrown off: As you pull back, the Wiimote icon slides to the right. The "intuitive" thing to do is to immediately swat forward once the Wiimote icon touches the recommended sweet spot, right? But! You see the club icon on the far left? It lags behind your Wiimote's trail by about a second, but that's the icon you're supposed to time everything by, not the Wiimote. Confusing, no? After you've completed the backswing motion (best done semi-slowly to sure up the match), the club icon rushes back to the left—when it lines up with the faded blue shadow is when you're supposed to swing forward, so you have this weird mid-backswing pause. It made putting really annoying since timing the back and forth is hard in the short space you're given. welovecontrols2.jpgIt makes sense after you've played it for a bit, but it definitely takes practice, and it's really got nothing to do with golf—it's simply a timing mini-game that's vaguely similar to timing Super Strikes in Mario Strikers. I didn't even try to get into the topspin and backspin mess, honestly. welovecontrols.jpg One other control issue is the way you switch views by tilting the remote up or down. It's far too easy to accidentally switch to the larger field view; I noticed I wasn't the only one by far who inadvertently flipped between game screens more than a couple of times.

Despite all of my initial "getting used to it" issues, I could see where it'd be a lot of fun after some more hands on time, at least if you're into Camelot's style of sports games, which I am. At the same time, I feel like the controls could be tweaked a bit to make it easier to start "loving" it immediately while maintaining the depth of the game mechanics.


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