Weekend Note: Con-ed Out

splicer.jpgTo: Ash From: Flynn Subject: All spliced up

So, I attended Dragon-Con this weekend here in Atlanta, clocking in my fourth conference in two months. With two more to go yet this year, I am feeling a little Con weary but I'm sure I'll be able to get it together for the excitement of TGS. Everyone told me how amazing Comic Con was going to be for cosplay and I have to say that after having gone to both, Dragon-Con has it all over Comic Con in the costume department. I even managed to cobble together a Splicer costume for myself (Purely so I didn't seem out of place, of course!) and got my picture taken in front of an appropriately watery backdrop.

Some things you might have missed this weekend:

• You can pre-order Halo 3 and get a Slurpee at the same time. • EA is offering the original Command & Conquer for free. • This guy makes me proud to be a gamer

I hope you have a great week as we over here in the US celebrate a holiday weekend and I actually get a rare full day off. I plan on gaming until my fingers curl into claws. Goodnight!


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