What Are You Playing This Weekend?

jeanne_darc_wayptw.jpgIt's gonna be a hell of a weekend. While my body adjusts to Pacific Daylight Time—curse you Japan Time!—I'm sure to have bouts of insomnia. I suppose I could complain, but I'm sure it will afford me the opportunity to squeeze in some gaming while the better half is zonked out. I only picked up a handful of things while in Japan—Parodius Portable and Sega Ages: Space Harrier Collection—but I'm fully caught up in Jeanne D'Arc and, of course, Picross DS. Plus I have Tokyo Bananas to eat!

Console time sounds unlikely, despite my wishes to wrap up Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, but exciting new developments may be brewing in that regard. Could my second HDMI port finally find a mate in an Xbox 360 Elite? Maybe! Since I'll be checking the comments on the post around 4 AM my time as my body goes "WTF?", I'd love to know what you're playing this weekend.


    Eledees, Brunswick Pro Bowling & Pangya on Wii
    A bit of Guitar Hero I & II on PS2
    Me & My Katamari, Guilty Gear X2 & Dark Stalkers Chronicles on PSP
    and maybe a bit of DIRT on 360

    I'll be playing Crysis Core on my PSP :)

    Halo 3... God i hate first person shooters (motion sickness), let me finish the fight already >_

    I also notice the lack of comments on any topic this week. Any news on that? Whatever happened, Kotaku should know it had BAD effects on the site...

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