What Microsft Might Be Showing Off Tomorrow

F2006041016112000000.jpg Tomorrow, Microsoft is having a pre-TGS press conference. The briefing will feature new trailers and a few surprises. I'll be on the ground covering the event. What can we expect? Rumour has it that third party companies like Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Koei, Konami and Tecmo will be showing their Xbox 360 support. Here's what will apparently be shown:

Square Enix The Last Remnant New Xbox 360 exclusive

Bandai Namco Beautiful Katamari Damacy Ace Combat 6 New Xbox 360 title

Koei Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Blade Storm New Xbox 360 title

Micrsoft Game Studios Lost Odyssey Halo 3 Project Gotham Racing 4 Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom New RPG (may be shown only at TGS) Games from Takara Tomy, Arc Systems, Success, Idea Factory

Konami Xbox Live Arcade games Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Check back tomorrow for our coverage. If this info is true, wonder what that new RPG is... Microsoft Presser [GameFront via Gamers-Creed]


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