Who Do You Think Will Star In Wolfenstein Movie?

Who Do You Think Will Star In Wolfenstein Movie?

box-l.jpg Say what you will about the Roger Avary’s Silent Hill script, the filmmaker has churned out some great pictures including The Rules of Attraction and Killing Zoe. His next project? Bringing Return to Castle Wolfenstein to the big screen. Avary wants to do the first-person-shooter as a “men on a mission” movie like The Dirty Dozen or Where Eagles Dare. The director explains:

I mean, what’s not to love? It’s a WWII “guys on a mission” movie, which means you’re going to be blowing shit up, storming bunkers, busting dams, derailing trains, and killing Nazi’s.

I love WWII films, but with Wolfenstein we get the creature effects as well, and the guys at id Software have already done all the heavy lifting for me in that department. They went to the imagination well and pulled up buckets of craziness — and as you know, I respond to crazy.

It’s interesting to point out that Pulp Fiction co-writer Quentin Tarantino also wants to make a “men on a mission” movie, and has been working on a script called Inglorious Bastards for almost the past ten years. Looks Avary will get his WWII movie out first! Who’s going to play B.J. in Wolfenstein? Avary says “all one needs to do is look at the box art on the Return to Castle Wolfenstein game and you can see who I see in my mind for the role.” Start your guess below!
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  • the guy from Transformers and las vagas. sorry have forgotton his name but his facial features are almost identical to the characters. if not bruce willis lol

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