Who's Late To The Nintendo Party?

wii%21.jpg Gamasutra has an interesting take from a couple of analysts on which publishers have hopped on the Nintendo DS/Wii bandwagon (and profited from it) and who's been slow to try and get a piece of the pie, as well as their predictions for the future market and suggestions on how some of those 'less-apt to get involved with the Nintendo platforms' companies can get in on the action without sacrificing their core audience and styles. It's an interesting, short little piece looking at Nintendo's share of the action - and how developers can get in on the party:

The downside is coming in the form of a glut of games for the Wii and DS. Nintendo will try to maintain quality, but I worry that we'll see far too many crappy games for the Wii and DS. I'd like to see publishers take risks on the DS and Wii, as they can afford to try new things at lower costs. However, publishers tend to follow rather than innovate ....

Publishers should not publish the same game across platforms, but should optimise versions for the hardware specs and demographic of the platform. Publishers ought to make unusual and unique content for a range of demographics, including the hardcore. A bigger market is waiting for publishers to make games that will entertain and amaze all sectors — hardcore, mainstream, kids, tweens, everybody.

My poor globetrotting DS is looking a little neglected these days, but I really hope we don't see a glut of crappy titles for the DS - I've got more than enough of those lurking around for my equally-as-dusty PS2.

Analyze This: Are Game Publishers Late To The (Wii and DS) Game? [Gamasutra]


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