Why Are You All Ignoring Blue Dragon?

BDlogo.jpgOh, didn't you know? Blue Dragon is out. In the West. In English and everything. And it's being totally ignored. Which having played it non-stop for the past week makes me a little sad. Sure, it does absolutely nothing new, but the old stuff it does, it does with a degree of polish you rarely see outside of a first-party Nintendo title. I love it. Might even be, at time of writing, one of the platform's strongest titles, and it definitely plugs a big hole in the 360's lineup. In fact the game's biggest problem is not its own, it's Microsofts decision to ship it in the second half of 2007. The cupboard was bare earlier this year: had this been released then I'd have played it for months. Now? I don't think I'll get past disc 2 before the downpour starts, and I'll end up retiring it to the cupboard until next year. Which is a damn shame.


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