Wii Tennis On A 103-Inch TV

DSC01091.JPGWalking through the Panasonic booth at CEDIA, I saw plenty of Playstation 3's being used to demonstrate the high-def screens. Panasonic is all about the Blu-ray so they nixed the Xbox 360 I was told... yes, I know that make no sense. As I rounded a corner I saw this, two guys playing Wii golf on a 103-inch high-def television. My perspective is all screwed in this shot, but trust me it was impressive. Nearby a Panasonic rep fidgeted. "I thought you were just using PS3s in here because of the whole Blu-ray thing?" "Yeah, we have a PS3 hooked-up to it too, but everyone wants to play with the Wii on this television." "Are you worried about people accidentally throwing their remotes into that screen?" "Yes, but that's why they're wearing the straps." "That would really suck." Sickly smile.


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