Wii Snatches Hardware Lead From Xbox 360

miyamoto_wins.jpgThe battle for first place in the current generation hardware war has been taken by Nintendo, reports the Financial Times. Citing sales data from Enterbrain of Japan, the NPD Group and German market research institute GfK, the publication shows the Xbox 360 now lagging behind the Wii's estimated 9 million-strong install base. The PLAYSTATION 3 waves from third with a distant 3.7 million sold. Yes, PS3, we see you!

An unnamed analyst chalks that victory up to Nintendo's intercontinental domination and Microsoft's non-presence in Japan. Of course, this was obviously written before Microsoft announced the availability of Rez HD for the Xbox 360, a game sure to turn around its fortunes. Just kidding. It's more likely that Wii Fit boards will soon be manufactured from discarded 360 cases.

Nintendo's Wii takes console lead [Financial Times]


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