Winning Eleven/Pro Evo Impressions

proevobooth.jpgI know, Metal Gear was important, so I did that first, but there was one game on this showroom floor I wanted to play above all others. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. Or, you know, Winning Eleven 2008. Either or. Anyway, hey, current-gen Pro Evo, nice to see you. Was expecting you last year, but late's better than never. Especially when you're this fantastic.

The current iteration is what last year's should have been. Player animation and models have been greatly improved, tackles and contact are now much more realistic and the whole thing's a lot more polished, with stuff like new incidental animation and a new front-end.

Course, for anyone who doesn't regularly follow this, none of that will matter. It'll look like Pro Evo. But for fans, especially fans disappointed with last year's 360 effort, I'd advise you to prepare for good times.


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