Wrap-o-matic: Monday Night

With the pace of the Tokyo Game Show slowing down now, we’re back to normal speed on the news front.

Elaborate Halo Case Mod
Basic beige boring you? You could always whack the Master Chief on there.

Original Fallout Concept Art
Bethesda may be defiling Fallout 3 as we speak, but you can find comfort in Leonard Boyarsky’s original artwork.

Resident Evil: Extinction Eats Weekend Box Office
I’m going to see this just so I can share my opinion with you, but I know it’s going to be painful.

Shanda Says No to Men Role Playing Women Characters
What? But I love playing chicks! Oh wait, it’s in China.

Textfyre – The Comeback of the Text Adventure?
Will we see the return of interactive fiction? Probably not on next-gen, but there might be a market in mobile phones or… iPods?


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