Xbox 360 Autumn Update To Bring Parental Timer

timer360.jpgRumour has it that the bi-annual Xbox 360 firmware update set to hit this fall will bring with it a number of interesting updates, chief among them a new Parental Timer.

Sources tell me that the update will allow people to set a password protected usage timer on their Xbox 360s. In other words, parents or loved ones will be able to limit the amount of time someone can game on the system during a given time period.Personally, I think this is a brilliant idea and I can't figure why no console has done this before (that I know of). I'm fairly on top of things when it comes to my 6-year-old and his gaming habits. In fact I set up his 360 on the television in my loft office, so typically I'm right next to him when he plays. But, it's easy for me to lose track of time and even easier for him to. We use a system that requires him to do math, reading or writing homework to earn television time and video game time. Now I can just add this little timer to the formula and allow it to track just how much time he has left.

Brilliant, simply brilliant.


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