Xbox Gamerchix, The Online Ladies Room

gross_club.jpgWith internet anonymity fuelling the girl-hating rage of Xbox Live users everywhere, causing a constant running at the mouth from boys who've never touched a boob that wasn't attached to a mousepad, it seems that GamerchiX is nothing short of a necessity. And with Microsoft attempting to "touch" a billion gamers this generation (no bad touches, please), the Xbox-centric community for the fairer sex is less of a grrrly marketing ploy and more of a sound business decision. The LA Times recently profiled, among others, GamerchiX leader Trixie, better known as Microsoft employee Christa Phillips. Dudes should take note.Tired of the constant harassment from people like us—you know, misogynistic pig bloggers with leanings toward Taliban-esque oppression—packs of girls have latched onto all-female clans like PMS and GamerchiX, the latter of which writer Louann Brizendine calls "the Xbox version of the girl's bathroom." It's the kind of bathroom that, should you invade, you can expect to get your ass banned from Live.

Based on what I know of female bathroom going habits, there must be some perfumed corner of Xbox Live in which girls powder their noses, discuss handjob techniques and release rose petals from their unmentionable spots that I'm not aware of. That they apparently talk about video games in there is currently blowing my mind.

A refuge for women in a hostile game space [LA Times]


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