Xbox Live Coughing, Spluttering Under Weight Of Halo 3

XBLcrash.jpgThere was always the risk that the release of Halo 3, which would see millions of 360 owners logging onto the service at the same time, would crash Xbox Live. It hasn't (yet), which gets MS a gold star straight off the bat (provided it stays that way), but many people are having problems. I can't download a new dash update (meaning I can't play online), loads of you can't either (the emails can stop now, thanks), while Larry Hryb's community site is down, as are many services. xblerror.jpgMy advice? If you can, keep on playing! If you can't, you might want to check out that singleplayer campaign. That or go outside, get in touch with that fresh air stuff everyone's always talking about. Can't imagine the problems will persist for too long.


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